MCT depends on the active efforts of members. 

There’s a lot to do on the stage, behind the scenes, and around the neighborhood.  Some volunteers help with a single performance, while others help keep us running throughout the year.  Volunteers may work intensively for many weeks on one production; others, such as publicity or grant-writing assistants, may invest a few hours each month.


There are many ways to help.

Get involved with costumes, props or make-up.  Lend a hand with lights or sound, scene construction or painting.  Many shows utilize music and voice performers, coaches and directors.  No production is complete without publicity, marketing, and graphic design, and every show needs stage crew to move mountains and ushers to guide patrons.  (Did we mention ushers see shows for free?)


Need another niche?

Why not direct a show, be a stage manager or teach a workshop?  Help us write some grants or innovate our fundraising activities. Design a poster, choreograph a dance or fight sequence, or arrange some new community outreach program.  If you want to help, MCT will plug you in.


Let us know how you would like to help out below. No experience required!