Taming of the Shrew
Directed by Gordon Mellott


Taming of the Shrew Cast

Katherine (male presenting): Kyle Nye
Bianca (male presenting): Zak Moreno
Lucentio (female presenting): Brenna Garfield
Tranio (female presenting): Micheal Ceffalo
Baptista (female presenting): Sarah Baker
Hortensio (female presenting): Kristyn Baker
Biondello (male presenting): Ezra Dolezal
Petruchio (female presenting): Jesse Leckie
Grumio (female presenting): Davey Holbrook
Gremio (female presenting): Aquasha DeLusty
Sly/Curtis/Vincentio (male presenting): Brett Moore
Lord/Nathaniel/Widower (male presenting): Ken Clark
Huntsman 1/ Joseph: Jay Gaines
Servant 1/Peter/Merchant: Jesse Alves-Foss
Huntsman 2/Servant 2/Nicholas/Tailor: Nicholas Hansen
Bartholomew: Aquasha DeLusty
Hostess: 6 Guest Spots

Stage management team:
Jay Gaines and Jesse Alves-Foss

Please accept or decline your role by emailing Rehearsals will begin either Monday or Tuesday depending on script printing. Excited to work with everyone.

Thank you


Performances will be at the Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre


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