Sally Cotter
and the
Prisoner of Ala Katraz
by Dean O’Carroll

Please welcome the cast of Sally Cotter!

Sally Cotter – Morgan Johnson
Ursa Malaise – Marsh Ball
Professor Shiftia Shape – Rain Hillyer-McVey
Dave – Liam Hillyer-McVey
Slobbers/Wormring – Madeline Swenson
Harmonica – Kyleigh Rankin
Professor Albatross Underdrawers – Logan Larsen
Dr. Acula Nosferat – Paloma Lopez de Boie
Redbull/Taurus Ford – Henry Roberts
Reubenon Ryebread – Mars Best
Lord Murderdeath – Miley Larson
The Four Humors Man – Lex Stewart
Powder Blue – Jane Lawrence
The Stinx – Tayla Whitehall
Kermberus – Mina Briggs
The Care Wolf – Charlie Roesler
Crazylegs  McGillicuddy – Josh Palmer – understudy for Underdrawers
Sabertooth Underdrawers – Sean Quallen
Tuscadera Punk – Guenevere Quallen – Understudy for Sally Cotter
Dubliner Doggerel – Juliet Stewart
Crookamungus Filcher – Solveigh Hunter
Minerva McGreatestpain – Charlie Roesler
Oddity the Cabana Elf – Valarie Morigeau
Mickey – Juliet Stewart
Mickey – Jane Lawrence
Selena Strangelove – Nova Dubois – Understudy for Dr. Acula
Brise Cceur – Tayla Travella
Les Beginnagen – Lex Stewart
Rong She – Sara Torok
Roderick Gonnadie – Keira Fischer
Newton/Nell Throttlebottle – Tayla Whitehall

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